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Yannick Alexander

There is always an opportunity for innovation.

My talents and interests

'Digital' is the common thread throughout my life. From an early age, I wanted to try out technological gadgets, and that hunger grew into a huge passion. I’m fascinated by all kinds of digital innovation, regardless of whether it’s technologies, methodologies, operating systems, etc.

I have the pleasure of working for clients in a variety of sectors, today especially in entertainment.


  • Innovation & ideation
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Website strategies
  • Very knowledgeable on UX and UI design


  • Idea & Innovation Management
  • Business Crossing Boundaries

My interests

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Mens sana in corpore sano

By breaking mental barriers, I extend my limits every day while exercising. And achieving results is certainly a nice plus!

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I love photography, because it's such a spontaneous thing. I feel inspired by everything around me. A photo captures those moments precisely, and only you can really experience it again.

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I visit exhibitions on a regular basis. For me, art is a reflection of the moment, and that makes it profound and inspiring.

My work

My work. My passion.

Together with these partners I craft the future digital world.


Xerius Digital Transformation

‘Supporting entrepreneurship through a digital ecosystem’; a mission that rose many questions. We helped Xerius concretising this mission into a transformation plan, and supported them in the rollout.

Telenet Yugo

Yugo TV

New digital habits require new solutions. We took the market context and the segments' way of thinking into account, and landed on a new proposition: the first offering that does no longer require a set-top box.

More projects


Digital Landscape


Blixtlaw Public Website