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Seeing the entire playing field, when others are chasing the ball, is the start of a winning business strategy and unique customer experience.

My talents and interests

For 15 years, I have been designing total strategic experiences, ranging from simple touch points to fully-fledged ecosystems, in 4 major sectors: Telco, Media, Retail and Banking.

I have had the pleasure of setting up e-commerce in Belgium for Carrefour Belgium, and developing strategic visions for Sanoma and SBS. With Telenet and Liberty Global, I work on the conceptualization of all entertainment services (the concepts of Yugo TV, Yelo Play, and Decoders) and on the overarching ‘Endgame’: do all touchpoints fit into a single larger whole, and how do we evolve this landscape?

Roeland Tegenbos and I founded Craftzing to make our passion our profession...


  • Digital Strategy & transformation
  • Ecosystem Design
  • Business Design
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Organisational Architecture
  • Ideation & Co-creatie
  • Service Design
  • Customer Journeys
  • UX / UI design
  • Mobile apps
  • Information Architecture


  • Master in the Audiovisual Arts

My interests

Maarten grens

Extending the boundaries

There’s a motor in my head that’s never on idle. It always wants to extend the boundaries and believes that there is always room for improvement.

Maarten Theorie

A theory of everything

Discovering and developing new mental models, learning ‘how things work’, or admiring and influencing the interplay of systems – that’s my interpretation of self-development.

Maarten vita

La vita e bella

Sea, sand between the toes, wind in the hair and the sails. Add my wife, my 3 hardy boys, and a pinch of Italy … and then time can stand still for me!


What others say

I have been working closely with Maarten and Craftzing for over 7 years, during which we have developed habit-shaping products and CVPs like Yelo Play and Yugo TV thanks to their deep understanding of our business and our challenges. Maarten helps us to never lose sight of the forest perspective, rather than seeing just trees, in shaping our business and strategy. The team of Craftzing brings extremely valuable conceptual support to myself, my team and the broad organization at Telenet.

Ivor Micallef
Director Entertainment Products - Telenet
My work

My work. My passion.

Together with these partners I craft the future digital world.


Landscape Architecture - Telenet "Endgame" & Concept

It started as a demand for optimization for, and turned into a widely supported landscape exercise. We have started indexing the current touch points & digital initiatives. This is to answer the difficult questions. The Telenet Endgame concept is the forest that can place all trees. Therefore, it is now a widely supported model that is used throughout the company to provide direction or to sharpen new initiatives.


Telenet Digital TV

Experiencing television and easily consuming it on every screen, in complete freedom. That is the dream behind Telenet Digital TV. Digital television has been a fixed value for years, but also Yelo Play, the mobile solution, has become a lively platform.

Telenet Yugo

Yugo TV

New digital habits require new solutions. We took the market context and the segments' way of thinking into account, and landed on a new proposition: the first offering that does no longer require a set-top box.


Liberty Global Connect App

Liberty Global wanted to approach their existing connectivity app in a completely new way. The solution lied in answering the user needs through handy "helpers": simple wizards that enable making very complex material within your home network available to the end user.

Port of antwerp

Port of Antwerp - Strategy & Concept

The park

VR Experiences - The Park

Go onderwijs

Go Onderwijs! New Digital & Social Media Strategy