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“You have to have a big vision and take small steps to get there”
Mijn talents and interests

Simplifying complex situations into pure and simplified visions, and then translating the strategical opportunities into real concepts – that’s what drives me. Form, function and innovation always go hand-in-hand, while keeping it all feasible in order to roll things out in a pragmatic way.

I have the pleasure of working with companies from various sectors, including Telecom (Telenet & Liberty Global), Finance (BNP Paribas Fortis), Media (Mediafin), Government (Vlaamse Overheid & Toerisme Vlaams Brabant), and even the Oil Industry (Wolf Oil Corporation).


  • Strategy & transformation in a digital world

  • Business Design
  • Ideation & Co-creation facilitation
  • Service Design
  • Conceptualisation & architecture


  • Civil Engineer (Electrotechnics)
  • MBA in Management
  • Leader Academy

My interests

IMG 20151030 123050


In my passion for architecture, I extend my hunger for pure concepts.

Hadewin familie


Time flies by too quickly. That’s why I try to capture the essence of those precious moments with my loved ones.

IMG 9718

Back to the essence

I enjoy the tranquility and the return to the essence during our annual family trips to the mountains – where I can fully focus on what is truly important in life.


What others say

I can only have praise for Hadewin’s quality of work, ethic, creativity, involvement and customer orientation. Hadewin is a professional and reliable team player who commits to deliver in challenging environments and timings, with a thorough understanding of our needs, a dedication to user experience and always a constructive mindset. A really state of the art partner

Philippe Gruden
BNP Paribas Fortis
My work

My work. My passion.

Together with these partners I craft the future digital world.

Wolfoil corp

Supply Chain Transformation

A lubricants company with a clear vision. We guide them in their continuous search for innovation and digitization, to become a front runner in an ever changing market.


Channel Design

A bank that develops digital products that actually answer the needs of consumers. This vision is the driving force behind ‘Channel Design’, giving a central role to both business and consumers.

More projects


Engie Public Website & Sales Flows


Landscape Architecture - Telenet "Endgame" & Concept