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Consult your files online, receive personalised information via an app − you can do these things with banks and online shops, but the government still has a way to go. I support the Flanders Information Agency in making that innovation leap by facilitating ideation tracks and developing user-centric concepts such as: digital service counters, a simple login, app versus web strategy, everything that has to do with UI behaviour and style, and concepts concerning blending contact center channels with Web applications. Always from a single mission: how do we make it really easy for the customer?

As a digital architect, I draw up a plan for how the service should look from the user’s perspective, and then couple that with a blueprint of what the organisation needs to do to make that succeed.

In this way, I sketched the plan for the Flanders Web Universe: a pragmatic programme with the objective of gathering the Flemish government’s 500 websites − in which a customer can read up to 5 different texts on how to apply for an environmental permit − into a single user-centric Web universe.

Keep an eye on Vlaanderen.be − because there will be some interesting activity there in the next few years.

Kom op tegen kanker

I developed a digital architecture for the Flemish Association Against Cancer (now: ‘Fight Cancer’). Based on the new organisational and brand vision, I worked on spatial planning for the various digital channels: What does which target group find where? How does Fight Cancer add value for patients, researchers, donors, volunteers, policy makers, ...?

In addition to a new KomoptegenKanker.be site, I created a new concept for Allesoverkanker.be, a website that brings information and people together around cancer. The site is the result of intensive consultation and coordination with all of the actors involved − from management to editorial staff, from designer to developer. As a digital architect, I drew up the plans and guided the realisation. A very good result for a very good cause.

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