Telenet digital tv

Experiencing and easily consuming TV on any screen and in complete freedom − that’s the dream behind Digital TV from Telenet. Digital TV has been a valued commodity for years, but the mobile solution, Yelo Play, has also developed into a lively platform with hundreds of thousands of customers every day on 4 different operating systems.

For 5 years now, I’ve been supporting senior management in the development and visualisation of the TV landscape of the future. Together, we go looking for innovative value creation for the various target groups and channels. I then translate this into a concrete, tangible concept for the product and UX teams to put into practice…

During the last 2 years, for example, the Yelo Play applications were re-positioned as 1 uniform platform strongly oriented towards ‘discovery’ and ‘emotional seduction’. The first results of this approach are clearly appreciated. The renewed apps have already won several awards − for example, in 2014 from iCulture, and in December 2015 again as ‘Best Belgian App’ from the Tech Awards jury, a joint initiative of ZDNet, Clickx & PC Magazine.

New digital & social media strategy

Following a public tender, GO! selected Craftzing to invent a completely new digital and social media strategy for Public Education in the Flemish Community.

Together with GO!, I map out the different target groups and we look for real value for each group. ‘Customer journeys’ or ‘value propositions’ are extremely well-suited for this.

After this ‘service design’ exercise, I’ve developed a simple concept that is based on 3 abstract pillars: policy, sales and local anchoring. After the conceptual phase, GO! and I designed the minimum product and then I outlined detailed plans.

At the moment, the new proposition is in development at GO!

  Sanoma Shedeals

Roeland Tegenbos and I developed the concept and the wireframes for SheDeals, a success story for our regular client Sanoma. SheDeals is Sanoma's answer to ‘deal websites’ such as Groupon.

I also worked on Tickr and a number of Sanoma’s other new digital initiatives, which will soon be online.

Port of Antwerp Strategie & Concept

The port of Antwerp is becoming increasingly important as a hub in the international logistics chain. So, the Port Authority decided to work on a new digital strategy. The challenge: to develop a strong portal that supports the marketing strategy and the needs of each specialised target group. In collaboration with the management, I was commissioned by Internet Architects to develop a simple strategy. This was based on 5 themes in which each target group could be approached uniquely. The brand policy was also adjusted accordingly.

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