Providing a service is a relentless task. User experience is subjective and changes continually. To think from the user’s point of view and to consciously craft the value proposition as well as the internal functionality − that’s the challenge. And that challenge is our passion. Which we tackle with pride every day.

We're on
your side

You need someone who inspires you and your team with fresh ideas and insights. Someone who works with you to create new concepts. As independent digital architects, we never play a supplier’s role. With us, you’re assured of honest and objective advice. That’s how we boost your project − and your career − to the next level.

Only the
very best

Only the very best digital architects in Belgium can be part of the Craftzing family. We set the bar high, so you are assured of working only with senior architects and partners. Indeed, every one of our digital architects is also a fully-fledged partner in Craftzing.

The answer is the right question

Market studies and research are very useful at the outset. But to develop innovative propositions and strategies, you often need to uncover more subtle, subconscious factors. That’s where the digital architect helps by asking the right questions.


Customer journeys, lean canvas or value proposition exercises help to further clarify ideas. Together with you, we distil the essential ingredients on the way to a new digital landscape.

From creation to prototype

The digital architect creates a concept − a clear overall picture − so that you can now begin to discern the complete landscape. Via prototyping and an MVP, the idea receives its first baptism of fire. Pragmatically we work on the next step to transfer the concept to your internal or external UX team.

Until it's right

You can continue to rely on us during the design and build phases. Together, we maintain a high level of quality in each step of the process. In addition, we support you in choosing and steering suppliers. And if you need to discuss anything − or simply want a listening ear − we are there for you.

Feel like working together?